After a year or so of speculation, Twitter is finally trialling a system to give users more room for manoeuvre.

Ever since it launched more than a decade ago, the social media site has restricted posts to just 140 characters – a hang-over from the days of rather limited text messaging technology.

Now a small number of users have had the limit doubled, giving them slightly more flexibility when it comes to composing a tweet.

In a blog post, Twitter admitted that some users found the current limit a “major cause of frustration” and the tech giant appears to be considering a permanent change in order to attract new users.

“Trying to cram your thoughts into a Tweet – we’ve all been there, and it’s a pain,” said the site’s product manager Aliza Rosen.

Some have noted, however, that what is being proposed is rather more limited in scope than suggestions a year or so ago that users would be able to post messages of hundreds if not thousands of words.

It would seem that Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, who was brought back on board two years ago to give the site a new lease of life, has pulled back from such a radical change – perhaps fearing it would be too dramatic a departure for a site which has always valued brevity.

By making a more modest change, bosses perhaps hope that it will be enough of a concession to those who find crunching down sentences an ordeal without alienating the users who like the to-the-point approach which made the company’s name.

As to whether the site will be able to keep both groups happy, only time will tell…

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