In the past getting a review from a client in a publication or via a letter or email may not have seemed like a big thing in the grand scheme of things.

However, with the emergence of Google Reviews, businesses have placed much greater importance on the number and quality of the reviews they receive – after all, it could have a significant impact on your business and its profile online.

Did you know for example that?

  • 40 per cent of consumers form an opinion by reading one to three reviews
  • 88 per cent of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 23 per cent will visit a business’s premises directly after reading positive reviews

It is therefore critical that firms do their utmost to generate positive reviews from satisfied clients.

But how can this be achieved?

Here are five top tips to help you get more Google reviews:

1. Educate and request a review

It is all too easy to assume that your clients know about Google Reviews, but many people remain unaware of the ability to leave reviews online. To help them it is recommended that you prepare a flyer, which can be sent to clients or left on your reception desk, which provides instructions on how to leave a Google Review.

Then comes the most important step, ask clients to leave a review. Don’t leave it up to them to act, actively request that they leave a review if they are happy with the service they receive (most people don’t mind and many may even welcome the opportunity).

2. Personalise the process

If you want more people to leave a review then there is nothing more effective than preparing an email from their most trusted contact. If client A has been with staff member A for 20 years, get them to send an email asking for a review. This may be a lengthy process, but with a simple template, this is easily achieved.

3. Make it easy and accessible

By now your client should be educated about the review process and asked to leave a review. So, why not create a custom link on your website that takes them directly to the place where they need to leave a review, or maybe even go further and provide multiple places where clients can connect to your Google Review page. This could be via social media or a blog, but regardless make it as easy as possible for them to respond.

4. React and reply

Hopefully, by now you have started to generate reviews, but it is important that you react and respond to the reviews you receive – not just the negative ones. There is nothing more encouraging for new reviewers than to see that their review counts. So, if someone sends a glowing review, send them back a thank you.

5. Be visible

Eshots, newswires, email signatures, press releases etc. can all be used to promote your Google Review page. This subtle reminder in each email or communication you send can jog clients’ memories and be that one element that encourages them to log on and leave a review.

Whatever approach you decide to take, it is important that all firms recognise the value of Google Reviews. If you would like help with setting up an effective Google Review campaign then please get in contact with us – we are more than happy to help.

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