Adding value to your business through testimonials and stories of success

Testimonials and case studies are one of the oldest marketing techniques out there, but even in the digital age their importance hasn’t diminished.

Customers and clients are often reliant on the opinions, stories and words of others when choosing a service. This is part of the subjective decision-making process that isn’t reliant necessarily on facts and figures.

Traditionally much of this may have been done via word of mouth referrals but as technology has progressed there are now a plethora of methods and opportunities to share stories of success.

Written testimonials

Displaying written testimonials in your printed content, on your website and via social media is an excellent way of demonstrating the high levels of service that you offer.

It can initially be awkward to ask a client for a written testimonial or recommendation, but in most cases, satisfied clients will be happy to tell others about the service they receive.

It is recommended that you keep a note or record of clients that have shared particularly kind words with you via email or in person in the past so that you can conduct more in-depth testimonial interviews in future.

These do not have to be invasive and rarely take more than 10 or 20 mins. From these, you should be able to build a portfolio of comments from clients that demonstrate the quality of service you deliver.

Case studies

If you want to take things further than a simple statement it may be worth preparing a more in-depth case study that looks in more detail at the support you provide and the positive outcomes for clients.

This kind of exercise not only helps you to reflect on the work you and your team have done, but it can also be used to produce press releases, be used in pitch documents when tendering for new work and be included in guides when targeting similar sectors or clients.

Video testimonials 

Images and the use of videos continues to grow in importance across all digital platforms from websites through to the latest social media platforms, such as TikTok.

Although greater cost is often involved in preparing a video testimonial, the end results can be very impressive and give a welcoming face to the voice of a client.

We have had significant success with video testimonials, using them within presentations, on stands at shows and on clients’ websites, where they offer a welcoming approach to new visitors.


The digital world has become dominated by reviews. It is rare to Google a business’s site now without being offered the opportunity to read a review or learn how many stars it has received from customers.

Reviews can, of course, be a double-edged sword, especially when it comes to validity. Although some sites, such as Amazon have added verified purchasers or users, many more continue to offer anonymity to those leaving a review, which can lead to abuse of the system.

Despite the issues of validity, Google, Trustpilot and similar review sites cannot be overlooked or ignored. A poor rating or surge in bad reviews can have a significant impact on the acquisition of new clients, so businesses must take an active approach to monitor reviews, respond and encourage happy clients to post positive comments.

Client satisfaction surveys 

We started out by saying that reviews and testimonials were part of the subjective decision-making process, however, there is a way of turning the subjective into something approaching a more objective view.

Client surveys turn subjective opinions into an objective set of numbers. They can spell out what percentage of clients are happy with your services or how many people thought they represented good value for money.

This can be a useful process for accessing the effectiveness of your services and how they are delivered so that you can spot weaknesses and make improvements, but they can also be used to support marketing activities, including PR and the preparation of award entries.

Here to help

Preparing and producing case studies, testimonials and surveys take time. To go get the most out of clients requires careful questioning and the right approach.

This time-consuming and skilled process can be daunting, which is why it makes sense to outsource this task to specialists.

For more than 20 years, we have been helping firms of all sizes obtain outstanding testimonials and case studies from clients.

Our team, many of whom have a background in journalism, can draw out fantastic responses from clients that will leave your practice with incredible testimonials. To find out how we can help you, please contact us.

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