There are now two billion WhatsApp users worldwide – that’s more than many long-established sites such as Facebook Messenger (1.3 billion).

Of the two billion users, at least 80 per cent (1.6 billion) use the app at least once per month – that’s 23 per cent more than its closest rival. In fact, every day 65 billion messages are sent via this encrypted messenger service.

This platform is now available in more than 180 countries across the globe, including 340 million users in India (its largest market), and it is downloaded almost 96 million times a month.

It shouldn’t be a great surprise then to learn that it is increasingly being used by businesses to keep in contact with customers.

WhatsApp’s own data shows that there are now more than five million businesses registered via the app’s dedicated business solution.

Aimed at helping small and medium-sized enterprises support their customers by facilitating interaction with them, WhatsApp Business offers companies features such as quick replies, labels, chat filters, and much more.

This is growing to become a popular app for businesses to communicate with customers and WhatsApp is investing significantly in this to add new features, including the recently launched “catalog” element that allows businesses to showcase their products and services directly via the app.

Private messaging apps, such as WhatsApp are increasingly being used to improve the customer experience in many industries, including professional service firms.

Data shows that messaging apps have been steadily gaining traction as the preferred method of contact for consumers. That is why 70 per cent of people will now choose a ‘Message Us’ button over a ‘Call Us’ button when seeking support.

Similar studies show that customer satisfaction improves by as much as 25 per cent where private messaging is offered instead of a phone call, while 79 per cent of consumers have said they are more loyal to firms that employ a private messaging service, such as WhatsApp.

With this being the case, we have put together a quick guide to help you set up your own WhatsApp business page, which can be downloaded below:

If you would like assistance with setting up your WhatsApp business account or have questions about how this service can tie into your existing marketing and communications approach, please contact us.

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