When talking about social media, one name which crops up more than most is Facebook, and rightly so. After all, it currently has over 800 million active users and is the one which seems to have been around (and at the top) for the longest. However, despite its popularity, when looking into launching a social media marketing campaign, there is still a large selection of businesses that are afraid of creating a Facebook page or profile.

After just over four years of being a prominent player within the social media industry, why are businesses still afraid of creating a business profile on there?

Each business will have their own reasons for not wanting to create a profile on Facebook, but there are 3 common reasons which regularly pop up during conversations about social media and these are:

1) They’re afraid it could ruin their brands image.

Having launched originally as a social media platform for students at Harvard University, before expanding to Yale, Columbia, Stanford and High School throughout America, Facebook has continuously been a hive of activity for students and the younger generations.

Unfortunately, as strange as it may sound to those who are already connected to Facebook – either for business or personal purposes – and use it on a regular basis, it is this hive of activity amongst the younger generations which is stopping some businesses creating a page.

Many of those who either don’t use Facebook regularly or have never created a Facebook account see it is a platform where images of nights out with friends are shared – and understandably this is an image that businesses don’t want their customers to see of them or their staff.

It isn’t just the uploading of pictures though that businesses are wary about on Facebook; it’s also the ease in which disgruntled customers can provide negative feedback, almost instantaneously. Gone are the days when you had to wait until you got home to write or call with a complaint, instead with the ease of access to social media in any location, negative feedback can be given online within a matter of seconds.

2) They don’t understand Facebook

For many, Facebook and other social media platforms come as second nature, and each new platform which is launched is taken in their stride. However, this isn’t the case for everyone and there are those businesses who haven’t grown up with the social media generation and therefore don’t understand it.

As touched upon above, many people still see Facebook and other social media platforms as an online distraction and somewhere images of various events are shared; instead of seeing it as a platform which can help promote their business and something which can be used to create a B2C relationship.

3) They see it as a waste of time

For all businesses, time is essentially money and as such, social media is seen as a waste of time. Part of this is because those businesses don’t understand how Facebook works, whilst another side of the coin is that they don’t have the time to create a page, maintain it and regularly update it.

Whilst it is understandable that some businesses would have reservations about creating a social media campaign, each of the reasons above have another side of the coin, which promote why Facebook and other social media campaigns should be used in a creative and inviting manner by all businesses; these include:

1) Your brand image can be enhanced

Over the last few years, Facebook has drastically changed from being a social media platform aimed at the younger generations to a platform in which businesses in all industries are able to provide a human face, interact with the customers – whether it’s in relation to positive or negative feedback – and promote all aspects of their business.

The main way for businesses to be able to effectively use Facebook to their benefit is by creating a Facebook “Fan” Page; a place where the content is about the business and its services; where the content engages and interests the audience and where personal details of staff or images of Christmas parties, etc aren’t on show.

With the help of a social media marketing campaign, which is ran by either an outside source or a member of staff within the firm specifically hired to handle all social media aspects, from Facebook and Twitter, through to content of a business’ website and blog, the fear that content which could potentially shed a negative light on your business can be put to bed.

As for the negative comments unhappy customers could write about your business; unfortunately these can still happen whether you engage in social media or not. However, if you partake in social media and interact with customers, negative comments and feedback can quickly be turned around into positives, if you respond in a positive fashion.

2) You don’t have to know everything about Facebook to succeed on there

To run a successful social media campaign, either on Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media platform, you don’t necessarily have to know everything there is about social media.

If you know the basics, regularly update with engaging content and hold two way conversations with clients your social media campaign will be beneficial and help enhance your brand. Alternatively, utilise the help which is available, such as from the team here at JE Consulting, and have your social media campaign ran for you.

Having a social media marketing package provided by the team at JE Consulting will not only enable your business to be positively promoted via social media platforms, but it has the added benefit of requiring very little of your time, whilst still enabling you to receive a desirable ROI.

With social media marketing continuously evolving, customers engaging with brands on various platforms and search engines taking into account social signals as part of their SEO algorithm, now is the perfect time to create a social media profile.

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