Over the last couple of years the role of social media marketing for businesses, from start-ups through to large multinationals, has increased as more business owners notice the importance an active online marketing campaign can play in generating leads and sales.

However, according to a report published earlier this month (August), not all businesses have taken advantage of the powerful marketing tool; with thirty-two percent of UK businesses still not having a social media strategy in place.

There are many reasons why businesses have not yet taken advantage of social media marketing, from the cost and time, through to not understanding the platforms available or being sceptical about the success such marketing can have.

However, social media marketing does not just have to mean having a profile on Facebook and updating it every so often. Instead social media encompasses a range of platforms, all of which if utilised in the correct manner, are regularly updated and engage your audience, can become part of an effective marketing campaign.

Below is just a snapshot of some of the social media platforms available, which have the potential to benefit your business.

The Blog:

Potentially one of the oldest forms of social media, the company blog, a mainstay in the forever changing social media world – and one, which with the ongoing benefits of content marketing is worth investing the time in.

A company blog is a great way to update your clients – old and new – with information about your services and products; and because it is your blog, you can be as flamboyant with your writing as you want.

Struggling to think what to write? Whatever industry sector you work within, there will be a news story somewhere, why not use this as the hook of the blog, and add your own spin to it? And do not worry if you do not see yourself as a Wordsworth, short, clear and concise blogs are as equally powerful.

Photo-Led Platforms:

Writing is not everyone’s forte; but thankfully due to the developments within social media, it no longer has to be.

There are various photo-led platforms available to use, with the most prolific being Instagram. The benefit of this platform is that you do not need to be a wizard with the camera or have all the latest photography equipment to share an image which captures your audience’s attention.

A major benefit of using Instagram as a marketing tool is that even a picture taken with a mobile phone can be altered using the handful of built in filters and features Instagram has, helping all images look like a work of art.

To enhance the users experience further, Instagram has recently included an “embed” option, enabling users to embed pictures (and videos) shared on their Instagram, to their website.

It has been said that a picture says a thousand words, so why not let it when it comes to your marketing?

Social Networks:

Whilst the blog may be one of the longest running social media platforms, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are certainly the most common; and if recent reports are anything to go by, they are also the forms of social media marketing which businesses cannot afford to be ignoring.

This week alone it has been suggested that:

Facebook has a total of twenty-four million active daily users within the UK

• Eighty-three percent of smartphone / tablet users checking their Facebook page on a daily basis

• Fifty-nine percent of Twitter users within the UK check their Twitter account everyday when on holiday

These figures alone highlight that the power social networks have, and why they are important marketing tools to utilise.

For those professionals who are looking to connect with like-minded individuals via social networking, then LinkedIn is one network that they cannot afford to ignore.

Earlier this year, the business-to-business network reached over 200 million users; and since then has been working on improving the platform for the users; whilst ensuring that it continues to be the main social network for businesses to receive referrals and leads from.

However for professionals who are still not convinced that social media marketing can make a difference to them, or who do not have the time (or understanding) to regularly manage a social media strategy should come and speak to JE Consulting to find out how we can help take your marketing to the next level.

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