Past webinars

Browse recordings of past webinars to catch up on valuable information you may have missed the first time around.

Upcoming Changes to the Allocation of Tips Act

Looking to gain insight into the Allocation of Tips Act?

Watch our webinar with hospitality expert and WMT LLP Partner Peter Davies!

Find out the most recent changes to the Allocation of Tips Act and engage in an open discussion on how this Act could impact your clients.

Rise of the machines - Delivering professional services in the AI Age

Our Directors, Jo Edwards and Tom Mason, are joined by Bruce Penson of ProDrive IT to share valuable insights and real-world experiences on AI’s current use in professional service firms.

Navigating Anti-Money Laundering and KYC Compliance with Xama Technologies

Our insightful Fireside Chat Webinar, featuring Jo Edwards, Senior Director at JE Consulting, and Jacques Malan, Founder of Xama Technologies, was a resounding success.

Whether you’re looking to refine your current AML and KYC processes or seeking to integrate cutting-edge technological solutions, this webinar is an invaluable resource.

It’s designed for professionals in the field who are committed to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving compliance environment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights that can transform your approach to compliance and client engagement.

Navigating the changing landscape of R&D tax relief with WhisperClaims

Are you grappling with the complexities of the evolving R&D tax relief landscape? Are you looking for proven ways to navigate the new Additional Information Form (AIF) requirements? Look no further!

Join Jo Edwards, Senior Director at JE Consulting, and Mike Dean, Managing Director of WhisperClaims, in an enlightening fireside chat.

Unlock the full potential of your accountancy firm with FYI!

Join us for this webinar as our Director, Jo Edwards sits down with FYI’s UK Head of Operations, Ian Cooper, for a chat about how firms are utilising FYI to achieve these outcomes and the importance of the cloud in improving collaboration and visibility within accounting firms.

Choosing the right social media channels

In this video, Director Jo Edwards and Business Development Manager, Amy Hartshorn discuss the ever-changing ways of social media and how you need to consider your marketing plan.

Why funding advisory will make you indispensable to your clients

Clients are increasingly using software, apps and self-serve platforms to do what was once done by advisors and accountants.

In this webinar, our Director Jo Edwards, sat down with Sam Horner, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Swoop, to look at how to help your clients use funding to sustainably grow their business, and how Swoop can work with you to discover the right funding solutions.

How accountancy firms can perfect the client onboarding process

How to make that first experience one of the best for your new clients

Without the right systems and processes in place, client onboarding can be challenging and time consuming.

In this webinar, our Director Jo Edwards sits down with Simon Leek, the Founder of FibreCRM to look at how the firms who get this right achieve a smooth onboard for their new clients.

Let's get talking about live chat!

In today’s hyperconnected world, it can feel like your business must be ‘on’ 24/7.

With so many communication channels on offer, this can be a challenge. From phone calls and email to social media messages, it can be somewhat overwhelming to keep track.

If you are looking to improve how long visitors spend on your site, live chat can help. The technology can identify if there are certain points on the site where visitors drop off. Live chat can then jump in and offer help, just at the right moment, keeping your customers engaged.

To find out more watch our latest webinar where we were joined by the UK’s leading provider of managed Live Chat services for professional firms, Moneypenny.

The Advisory Period: where is your firm and how do you move up?

Post-covid, far more clients will be relying on their accountants to support them across their whole business. This session discusses what needs they’ll have and how you can ensure you remain their adviser throughout their whole lifecycle.

Recruit and Retain

In our latest webinar, we teamed up with Paul Shrimpling from Remarkable Practice to help you drive recruitment within your firm.

Client Sense with Brian Coventry

In our latest Webinar, we are joined by Brian Coventry to discuss "Client Sense", a software platform which provides insights into the strength of a firms’ relationship with its clients.