Making the most of email marketing

Email marketing remains an effective way of promoting your services, educating clients and winning new work.

If you aren’t already sending out regular communications and promotions via email you could be missing out.

The UK remains a great place to use email marketing with the latest data showing that:

  • The average UK open rate is 22.9% (higher than the EU, US, Asia and Pacific nations)
  • 4% of all emails lead to click-throughs (the second-highest rate in the world)
  • The country enjoys a strong click-to-open rate of 10.6%

Mastering email marketing campaigns require you to perfect a number of factors.

Timing is key

When you send out an email or eshot to your contacts could make a big difference to your success. A recent study showed the incredible variance in how emails perform on a given day.

This is what the research, conducted by Campaign Monitor, found:

  • Monday was the best day with the highest email open rates (22.0%)
  • Tuesday was the best day for click-through rates with a rate of 2.4%
  • Wednesday and Tuesday shared being the best days for the highest click-to-open rates (10.8%)
  • Email unsubscribe rates were virtually identical throughout the week (0.1%)

The study also showed that, unsurprisingly, weekends were the worst time to send out emails and eshots, followed closely by Fridays.

Improving your email campaigns

While timing can be critical, there are other steps that you can take to improve the chances of your email being opened, read and reacted to.

Here are just some of the steps we advise for increasing open rates:

  • Enhance your subject lines – this is key to capturing a reader’s attention in their inbox
  • Optimise for previews with effective preheader text
  • Test sender name and email address
  • Test send day, send time, and send cadence (ex. daily vs. weekly)
  • Improve engagement through personalisation

If you are struggling with click-throughs, you can consider:

  • Refreshing your email and eshot templates to create a fresh look
  • Enhance and maintain your brand voice throughout your messaging
  • Improve your calls-to-action to persuade and influence the reader
  • Offer strong incentives to capture subscribers’ attention
  • Ensure your subject line accurately reflects the content of your emails

If you have tried email marketing in the past and not had much success do not dismiss this powerful marketing tool.

Sometimes it just takes testing and improvements to hit on a winning campaign.

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