“STAND OUT!” says JE Consulting’s Creative Director

It’s events season at JE Consulting, and we’re busy working on numerous stands and displays for conferences and networking events for our accounting and soliciting clients.

It’s a fine art to craft real-life displays that fit the available space, grab attention, and accurately convey your brand’s messaging.

With over 18 years of creating incredible designs at the company, our Creative Director, Todd Gravestock, unsurprisingly knows a thing or two about marketing for professional service firms – especially in terms of graphic design.

In this article, he offers his advice on best practices for displays and explains the inventory you need to smash your next event.

“Aim high with your designs…”

The first step, Todd says, is to look at your current inventory and work out what you’re missing.

“Whether it’s a pull-up banner, pop-up stand, branded stand panels, brochures, or giveaways, ask yourself: How can it be improved to provide more impact?”

This extends, he argues, to the invitations you use for your own events.

“Should you intend to host your own event, the invitations – digital or physical – need to stand out and incite excitement in the person who receives it within a few seconds.

“We are constantly looking to create the most eye-catching designs to draw people to our clients’ conferences and events.”

Chocolates, pens, keyrings, and other small trinkets are a great way to incentivise people to stop at your stand, so whether you are hosting or simply attending an event, perhaps you should consider investing in some branded merchandise.

When it comes to banners, posters and the like, Todd suggests you aim high with your designs – both in terms of ambition and location.

Striking colours, bold and brief text and images are always a good idea but designing your banner so that the key message is above eye level is great for creating maximum impact.

People are far more likely to read something that they have to look up to – it creates a sense of importance and perceived value.

(By the way, as well as our graphic design and event resources, we also offer event organisation services to help you create a memorable and insightful event or conference).

“Less is more…”

This is where having a great graphic designer on your team is an absolute asset to your event displays.

Good designs, well-crafted branding and attractive displays are always more effective than text-heavy banners that few people are willing to spend time reading.

“If you want a top tip in terms of successful display graphics for events, I’d say less is more.

“A lot of people attempt to put too much text on a stand design, which just results in an overly cluttered piece and distracts from the overall message.

“I always think a stand design should quickly show a visitor who and what you are, rather than attempt to convey all your services.”

Todd argues that conveying information on your services is far more effective when done in person or through a handout.

“It’s always better to speak to people rather than just leaving potential clients to read a load of text and then disappear.”

“If I were you, I’d speak to the professionals…”

When you’re attending your next event, here are a few questions to bear in mind:

  • Do I have the right marketing materials to grab people’s attention?
  • Are my banners enticing?
  • Do my displays demonstrate what my firm does?
  • Does my branding come across in my designs?

If the answer to any of these is “no”, it might be time to rethink your events strategy.

Todd says: “The best way to get everything right, when it comes to events, is to engage the services of a marketing agency.

“If I were you, I’d speak to the professionals who know about event organisation, design, and other strategies to really take advantage of these networking opportunities and grab people’s imagination/attention.

“You shouldn’t see events and conferences as a waste of time, or simply a chance to check out the competition, they have been hugely influential in the growth of some of our clients and through the proper marketing strategies, you can see great results!”

If you are ready to take advantage of events and conferences with great designs and other resources, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Speak to our Creative Director, Todd about creating stunning banners and displays for your next event attendance: todd@je-consulting.co.uk

Or, if you’re thinking of hosting an event, big or small, please contact our Admin & Events Manager, Lindsay Holloway: lindsay@je-consulting.co.uk

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