The power of live chat

The way in which clients interact with professional service firms is changing. A tool that is increasingly used by firms to enhance their digital presence and generate more leads is live chat.

There are dozens of platforms out there offering these services, some of which are automated, others of which are supported by adviser in real-time.

One such service, aimed specifically at the professional services sector is Moneypenny. It works with hundreds of organisations to deliver effective answers to a wide range of complex queries in real-time.

Louise Wilson, Head of Finance Sector at Moneypenny, recently sat down with our team to explain how one accountancy firm, Seymour Taylor, has used live chat as its secret weapon for future success – and how others can implement similar changes:

1. Extending opening hours

Live chat responses appear as if they are directly from your company and chats are managed 24/7/365 days a year, so when a business invests in a live chat solution, they instantly become available around the clock.

2. Streamlining the customer experience

Live chat efficiently triages enquiries by identifying requirements and directing them along the sales funnel to the most appropriate next stage. The solution also securely stores important details for employees to refer back to, allowing for a more informed and seamless follow-up.

3. Boosting web conversion

Businesses are experiencing a much higher volume of web traffic than usual. The technology generates six times more website engagement and thanks to its immediacy, it encourages people who would not otherwise take the time to email or call, to make an enquiry.

4. Enhancing the recruitment process

The competition for talent is huge. Moneypenny live chat helps with recruitment as potential future employees can easily message to find out about opportunities and can be easily streamlined to the right team within the business.

Live chat is a hugely useful tool to triage enquiries and reassure applicants that their interest is valued, and they queries are being dealt with.

For new clients, Moneypenny is currently offering a free trial of live chat for two weeks, as well as free additional calls included with a telephone answering call plan.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, contact Moneypenny on 0333 202 1005 or email with reference code “JEC”.

How we can help

We have helped a number of firms to implement live chat services, similar to Moneypenny, on their websites. This has helped to free up professionals’ time and collate information about valuable leads.

If you would like to implement a live chat service on your website, please get in touch.

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